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David & Touchette is located in the financial district of downtown Montreal.  Our stated and operating objectives are to provide practical and cost effective solutions to our clients’ needs always taking into account realistic expectations within the context of the applicable legal and business considerations.  We subject every file to a rigorous analysis to assure the client the most cost effective solutions.  Our law firm is committed to respond quickly and effectively to issues as and when they arise.


The firm provides clients with expertise in both of Canada’s official languages, English and French.  Our client list includes the full range from entrepreneurs to large public corporations where we play a significant role in acquisitions and divestitures, when confidentiality and behind the scenes negotiations are required. 


Our strength comes from the fact we are part of a lawyer network that enables us to directly handle a file or redirect it to the type of specialist required.   

The firm practices principally in the areas of Corporate/Commercial, Mergers and Acquisitions, Estate Planning, Settlement and Administration of Estates, Real Estate, Employment, Matrimonial and Civil Litigation.






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