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David & Touchette was founded in 1969 and is located in the financial district of downtown Montreal.  We subject every file to a rigorous analysis to assure the client the most cost effective solutions.  Our law firm is committed to respond quickly and effectively to issues as and when they rise. 


Whether your requirements are simple or complex, you will find us welcoming and approachable. We are a boutique law firm, but with an extensive network of specialized lawyers.   Our law firm is committed to respond quickly and effectively to issues as and when they arise in a professional businesslike manner.


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Our stated and operating objectives are to provide practical and cost effective solutions to our clients’ needs.  At our first meeting we discuss all financial aspects of our services and explain our obligations and responsibilities to you. 


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Our strength comes from the fact we are part of a lawyer network that enables us to directly handle a file or redirect it to the type of specialist required.  We only accept matters we feel competent to handle.  Honesty is our policy and it has served us well over the years.  When the matter requires a specialty we do not have, we immediately refer you to the legal specialist required in order to make certain you get the best possible representation possible. 


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Our client commitment is to communicate constantly with you on the status of your file.  We believe you need to know where you stand and the client’s contributions are vital to the success of a matter. 


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