Mtre. David, holds a B.A. in Economics from the Sir George William University and he holds a B.C.L., Bachelor of Civil Law, from McGill University. Mtre. David is the founder of David & Touchette.

Mtre. David is a member of the Quebec and Montreal Bar Associations.

Mtre. David donated his time and legal expertise, on a pro bonus basis, for many years as the Legal Counsel and a Director of The Cedars Cancer Institute at the McGill University Health Centre, in the City of Montreal, Province of Quebec.

Mtre. David has written several articles which were published in Action, the Canadian Sporting Goods Association Magazine.

Mtre. David is also the President and CEO of Davidco Management Limited, a company that since 1977 provides services to clients in the areas of mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and strategic planning.

Mtre. David also has extensive business experience in real estate as President of Davidco Properties Reg'd, established in 1985, which successfully owns and administers multi-unit residential properties in Montreal, Quebec.

Mtre. David was also one of the original co-founders of XN Holdings Ltd., a business to business enterprise that provides to expatriate employees of multinational corporations property, casualty, kidnapping and medical repatriation insurance and numerous other products and services to the expatriate community world wide.